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Statesmen Boulevard Tree Fund

Statesmen Boulevard Tree Fund


In the Fall of 2017, Delta State University started construction on the new Statesmen Boulevard project.  This is a joint project between Delta State University, the City of Cleveland, and MDOT that will provide a new entrance into the Delta State University athletic facilities.  This project will eliminate traffic and parking problems in the surrounding neighborhood and also increase the parking for sporting and community events.  This project also gives us the opportunity to improve the beauty and sustainability of a very visible part of our campus.

Why Give?


Your donation of $500 to the Statesmen Boulevard Tree Fund will plant a tree in your honor or a designated loved one.  Each tree will have a plaque mounted next to it that list the donors name or loved one of their choice.  This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate a life or special event while beautifying the Delta State University campus.  All trees planted will be native hardwoods and ornamentals lasting 50+ years making this gift a gift of a lifetime.  To donate to this cause please fill out the form below.


Need More Information?


If you would like more information about the campaign, please contact the Director of Facilities Management Jeff Barkman at (662) 846-4740

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