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The Wade Trophy

The Wade Trophy

Margaret WadeFor three years, 1975, 1976, and 1977, the Lady Statesmen lead the nation as champions in basketball. Perhaps the most impressive team consisted of five particular players: Debbie Brock, Ramona Von Boeckman, Wanda Hairston, Cornelia Ward, and Lusia Harris. Even though these five athletes found national attention, it was the play of the entire team each of the three years that allowed the Lady Statesmen to have such success.. In Ms. Wade's honor is named the Wade Trophy. It is the equivalent to the men's Heisman Trophy for football and is awarded to the most outstanding women's basketball player in the country. Women's basketball has continued to exist as a thriving sport, bringing many spectators to campus.
Comment and tell us how you feel knowing such a prestigious national trophy is named after a coach from Delta State.