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The Rabbit Foot Squad

The Rabbit Foot Squad

womenbball1.jpgWhen the doors of Delta State opened in 1925, a group of enthusiastic girls approached Miss Julia Dale and Mr. A. L. Young with the hopes of establishing a girl's basketball team. After a fair first season, the teams second year proved to be better. In their third year, not only did the girls receive their new gymnasium, but they were also given the title "The Rabbit Foot Squad". As the legend goes, a spectator merely mentioned that the girls were on such a winning streak that they must have their "rabbit's foot". Even though those early enthusiastic crowds overwhelmed the newly constructed gymnasium, the team and the catchy new title lasted only until 1932. It seems that the philosophy of the early institution was that intercollegiate basketball for women could not be maintained. Forty years later, Delta State would again offer the women of campus the opportunity to play basketball. Ms. Margaret Wade initiated this second coming in 1972, and the seasons that followed brought the Lady Statesmen and Delta State into the national spotlight.
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