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Funding Goal - $100,000.00

Delta State University Scholarship Initiative Fund

University Scholarship Fund

Contributions in support of scholarships, for new or continuing Delta State University students, play an important role in the recruitment and retention of students. Named scholarships are also an excellent means of honoring or memorializing a person. Not only do scholarships provide a means of rewarding excellence as students pursue their college careers, but they can provide funds to help make the Delta State educational experience possible for students for whom that might otherwise be impossible.

The University's scholarship program includes both annual and permanent, or endowed, scholarships. Contributions to establish or add to an existing annual scholarship, as well as to increase the principal of endowed scholarships, are welcomed by the University.

You can choose a one time gift or sign up to give automatically every month, quarter, or year. Click here to give to the University Scholarship Fund.

To learn more about the difference your gift can make to this fund, please email us at or give us a call at 662-846-4704.

For questions concerning the selection criteria, contact the Office of Admissions at 662-846-4020.
How did your scholarships help you in your time at Delta State?