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The Delta Players Scholarship Fund

The Delta Players Scholarship Fund

Gifts to the Delta Players Scholarship Fund help DSU theatre majors achieve their dreams. Launched in November 2013, we are currently building this fund to reach the Endowment threshold, and we will begin awarding scholarships in Spring/Summer 2015.


One of the hallmarks of the revised Theatre Program is that all majors will create original work during their time at DSU - a play, a musical, a one-person show, a cabaret, etc. Then, shortly before they graduate, we will help them present a full production of these creations. This means that by contributing to this fund, you not only help worthy Scholar-Artists, but you also help enrich and expand the artistic offerings in the Mississippi Delta!


Feel free to make a one-time contribution at any level. No donation is too small. Every contribution matters! For those of means, we ask you to consider a semi-annual or annual contribution so that the Fund may continue to grow and serve our talented theatre majors for many years to come.

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