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Funding Goal - $10,000.00

Library Fund


The Roberts-LaForge Library, named for the late W. B. Roberts and Dr. William LaForge, is a vibrant part of the University community that has grown from a modest collection into hundreds of thousands of resources housed in a state of the art facility. Library faculty and staff are committed to acquiring, developing, and providing access to a broad range of print and electronic resources that promote educational achievement and life-long learning. Your gifts can help make this possible.

The library offers a unique opportunity for donors to enhance, maintain, and share one of Delta State University's greatest assets.  Contributions can focus on specific academic disciplines or be discretionary and allow the library flexibility to address various needs. Your support will have an impact on countless students and faculty and provide a legacy for future generations.
You can choose a one time gift or sign up to give automatically every month, quarter, or year. Click here to give to the Roberts-LaForge Library Fund.

To learn more about the difference your gift can make to this fund, please email us at or give us a call at 662-846-4704.
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