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Funding Goal - $50,000.00

Support the Campaign for New Band Uniforms

Support the Campaign for New Band Uniforms


The Delta State University band program is dedicated to the performance of the highest quality music, supporting our teams, and bringing first class entertainment to Statesmen fans everywhere.  We embrace our role as the musical ambassadors of the university.  As such, our students and staff give their all in pursuit of the standard of excellence established by DSU alumni decades ago. 

The time has come to upgrade our band program's uniforms.  The current uniforms worn by "Pride of the Delta" Marching Band are almost two decades old, and served us well.  However, their age and condition is in stark contrast to many uniforms worn by our peer institutions which replace uniforms every decade, and places the University at a disadvantage in recruitment of new band members.  Uniforms of today are of higher quality and provide greater comfort for our band members.


Due to both a generous challenge gift from former Delta State band member, Mr. Jeff Ross Capwell, and a matching grant from the Delta Regional Foundation, half the funding for new uniforms has now been secured.  However, we need your help!

The goal of this effort is to secure a total of $50,000 for 150 new uniforms.  That number would provide the variety of sizes to cover the current marching band members and enough extra to allow the band to grow.

Our students deserve top quality apparel that will allow them to be their very best. If you believe, as I do, that our band program is a vital component of our cultural life, our athletics, and our campus, then please help us with your support. Your gift to this campaign will be used exclusively to ensure that we keep the sound of the Delta State bands strong throughout McCool Stadium, The Bologna Center, and Sillers Coliseum well into the future.

Click Here to support the fundraiser for new band uniforms.
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