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      William "Bill" Marchant, age 69, of Cleveland, MS passed away on Wednesday June 08, 2016 at his home. Bill and Cheryl moved to Cleveland in 1988 to coach baseball for Delta State University. His legendary coaching career at Delta State began in 1989 when he became the head coach of the historic Statesmen baseball program after Ferriss stepped down. He remained at Delta State University for 27 years coaching and instructing students. Coach Bill Marchant is well known for his competitive spirit, a trait that helped him overcome adversity later in life and led him to be a coaching legend for the Delta State baseball program. In 1998, Marchant was inducted into the Delta State Athletics Hall of Fame.

     After he retired from coaching, Marchant dedicated the rest of his career at Delta State to coaching life lessons in the classroom, where he taught classes such as methods of coaching baseball, methods of coaching football, and philosophy and psychology of coaching. In 2012, Bill and Cheryl Marchant were named Delta State College of Education's Outstanding Alumni and the "Bill and Cheryl Thomas Marchant Scholarship" was established to help funding for education majors at the University.

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