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Statesmen Baseball Excellence through Continuous Giving Campaign

Statesmen Baseball Excellence through Continuous Giving Campaign

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Pride, Duty and Transformed Lives define the Delta State Baseball Program.  It is an honor to be associated with the DSU Baseball Program and many have been honored on the field, in the classroom and professionally, after their college days.  Further, with your support throughout the years, the Delta State Baseball Program is the envy of many.


The pride we have for the Delta State Baseball program is rooted in tradition based on our accomplishments over the years - The Statesmen have won almost 70% of games played since 1933. Delta State has received 31 post season invitations by the NCAA, the fourth most of any Division II baseball program and won 59.5% of tournament games. Delta State has claimed one National Championship in 2004 and advanced to 12 Division II World Series.


Now, we have a duty to maintain our level of success and extraordinary tradition because no one else will.  The state's educational funding is not sufficient and the university has limited resources to maintain a top Division II baseball program.  So, WE must protect our program.  The Delta State baseball budget has consistently experienced annual short falls in critical areas and we want to support these areas - travel/recruiting, salaries for assistant coaches, and funding for additional scholarships.  The competition is only getting stronger.  Our current NCAA post season regional assignment has Delta State aligned with two other conferences that are fraught with talent and economic abundance -  the Sunshine State, and the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic conferences. 


The Delta State Baseball experience continues to transform lives.  We know the impact of playing a college sport, for a great coach, at a fine institution gave all of us a sense of accomplishment and confidence to succeed in many aspects of life.  We long for the current players to have similar life-transforming experiences as we did.  Truth be told, much of what we have can be traced back to Delta State.  And, Delta State would not have been on our radar without a successful baseball program.  The coaches, the players, the professors and the experiences equipped us to deal with life.  For that, we are thankful and we would assume you feel the same.

For Phase I, our goal, by May 22, 2018, is to secure commitments to raise $45,000 annual for the next 5 years.  This is a continuous giving program designed to meet the annual budget shortfall across travel/recruiting, salaries for assistant coaches, and scholarships.  We need your help in reaching our goal. Certainly, we want you to participate, BUT we want you to feel great about your investment.  Your investment begins by you saying "YES" to transforming the lives of the current and future young men in the Delta State baseball program.

We are asking over 470 former players like you to contribute to the Statesmen Baseball Excellence through Continuous Giving program, committing a minimum of $200 annually, for five years.  We get it, we are asking for a $1,000 commitment. 

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