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Alumni Sustaining Life Membership

Sustaining Life Member Program

          The Delta State University Alumni Association recently announced the launch of the Sustaining Life Member Program. The program is a voluntary way for current paid-in-full lifetime members of the Delta State University Alumni Association to provide additional annual support to the Association with a yearly tax-deductible gift of $100. Sustaining Life members will be recognized for their generosity in an issue of Delta State magazine and listed on the Alumni Association's website. They will also receive a Sustaining Life Member Certificate and a special edition 2013 lapel pin. The program will raise funds to enhance the number of Hugh Ellis Walker Alumni Scholarships, which are awarded to incoming freshmen and transfer students whose parents are alumni of Delta State. Over the past five years, 85 students have received these scholarships. With the establishment of the Sustaining Life program, the Alumni Association hopes to double the number of scholarships given each year.

Thank you to our 2013 Sustaining Life Members!
Lana Aguzzi 
Michael Aguzzi 
Charles and Vicki Fioranelli 
Keith and Ann Fulcher 
Willo and Louise Goodwin, Jr. 
Peter and Patricia Jernberg
 Cooper and Marilyn Johnson 
William and Martha Johnson 
Paul and Dara Kyle 
Pat and Elizabeth Lewis 
Roane and Libbi Logan 
Kelly Lyon 
Rex Lyon
Ed and Kitty Meadows 
George Miller, Jr. 
George Miller, Sr. 
John and Brenda Mitchell 
Jimmie C. Norwood 
Sara O. Trotter
Joyce Dugan Wood
*Sustaining Life Members who joined after August 1, 2013 will not be listed in the Winter 2014 Magazine.

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