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Delta State University Legacy Program

Delta State University Legacy Program

Growing up Green & White

You know what it means to be a true Statesman, now pass it on!

Enroll your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews in the Delta State University National Alumni Association Legacy Program.  Once enrolled, they will receive free, Statesman/Okra-themed, age appropriate gifts, invitations to age appropriate campus activities (Athletic Department  sports camps, BPAC summer camps, Okra Kids Camp, etc...), or personalized postcards on each birthday through age 16.  At the age of 16 your legacy will start being recruited to Delta State by the office of admissions.

**Your legacy will be eligible for the Hugh Ellis Walker Alumni Scholarship ($500 one time scholarship) if they attend Delta State.

Legacy Definition

The Alumni Association's definition of a legacy is any child fortunate enough to have one or even two parents, grandparents, or legal guardians who are alums or friends of Delta State University.

The parent or grandparent or legal guardian also needs to complete the registration form in order for the legacy to receive full benefits.

*As of right now, legacies gifts/cards will be mailed to the address of the person who submitted their name (Alumni Home address).


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